About J9

“J9” is Janine minus the A. That’s me! I live in a hovel in a valley below a mountain northeast of Los Angeles with people that I like, mostly. I used to have a job that fed my family no matter how much I loathed it. Then I lost it. So after I stopped feeling sorry for myself I took writing classes, read tons, got some AA degrees, met other writers, made new friends, learned new things, became a grandmother, and started this blog.

Let’s see where we go from here.


7 thoughts on “About J9

    • Thank you, Esther! That’s a beautiful area. Is it even still called the Ritz Carlton? I thought they changed the name again, something ridiculous like the Westin Marriot Carlton on the Ritz of Pasadena.

  1. Hi, Janine! Great to see you’ve started your blog. And relieved that you cleared up the J9 issue right off. When I got wind that you were following me (in the WordPress sense, of course), I thought at first I was being stalked by an international spy. Looking forward to following your blogs.

  2. I know you 9, and I also know that all you have set before you will soon be behind you,and all goals you set will soon be “just stuff I had to do” I know that you will continue to move forward and be successful in all your endeavors and projects. I’ve always said you are the most interesting woman with endless information. I listen when you speak, and I will enjoy it when you write it down. Get to work!

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