Mellow Yellow Monday

Dire wolf skulls

This is a display of Dire Wolf skulls at the George C. Page Museum, part of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, CA. I took this about a year ago during a family day trip.

My parents are famous for their road-tripping adventures. We grew up driving to far-flung places at least an hour off the beaten path. It might have been a plant nursery that sold unusual succulents. It might have been a small-town park hosting a pow-wow or craft fair. Maybe it was a place that should’ve been a ghost town, but was still surviving somehow. It was usually dusty, even if we never left the pavement. However long it took to get to our dusty destination, it always took several hours to get home, often via Route 66.

In comparison, our day in Hancock Park was quite cosmopolitan. We perused the Page Museum, strolled the tarry park, had a very international lunch from the trucks lining Wilshire Blvd., meandered through public art exhibits, and generally enjoyed a perfect Southern California day.  Dust-free.

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