Being an FTO

…is exhausting.


Me, typing up my Daily Observation Report.

Going through my last few posts I discovered that I posted this, about failing my second chance at my old job, almost a year ago. Time for an update.

About four months ago I was promoted to Training Officer. Last week I completed FTO (Field Training Officer) school and today I started with my first trainee.


Because I’m too tired to find something better.

It’s a lot more work than I expected. Good work that I’m so happy to do, but let me tell you: my brain feels heavy. Like a good hard physical workout where your muscles aren’t sore, just used. My brain feels used. Especially the front, right in the middle of my forehead. I wonder if that means something? Who knows. But I loved every minute of it.


I feel exactly like this Smurf looks

My trainee is great. We got through a lot of material today. I feel accomplished.

I don’t have much more to say except that I’m thoroughly happy; that this “lesser” job is immensely satisfying; and that the “better” job I made the best of for eleven years…


…can suck it.