Noncation 2014

I fully planned to do my usual Noncation timeline this year.  Every time I work on it, however, I quickly lose interest.  So I’ll just skim over the highlights.  I hope you don’t mind.  I won’t change it if you do.  So there.

The folks left Sunday morning for points unknown.  As it turns out, their vacation, which is my noncation, was really more of a stay-cation.  Their first stop was a beautiful Hindu temple about an hour away from home.  Their last stop was the city of San Bernardino, also about an hour away from home.  Bold, these people.

In the meantime I rented a car, loaded it with a small entourage, and drove to my grandmother’s house to introduce her to Ava. Finally!

Ava and her great-great-grandmother.

Ava and her great-great-grandmother.

And her great-grandpa.

And her great-grandpa.

The surprise of the day came when family friend Brenda joined us.  She is very ill, so her presence was extra special.

Brendie meeting Ava.

Brendie meeting Ava.

She had a difficult time of it, but she wasn’t about to miss out on meeting Ava.  We were so grateful that she could spend the day with us.

Incidentally, Miss Ava is 3 months old now.  She’s a perfectly beautiful little thing who is entirely too sassy for her nonexistent vocabulary.

Ava Grace at three months old.

Ava Grace at three months old.

Five generations:  me, my grandmother, my granddaughter, my dad, and my daughter.

Five generations: me, my grandmother, my granddaughter, my dad, and my daughter.

With all the people and excitement, Ava spent the day over-stimulated.  We thought she’d fall asleep on the way home, but we thought wrong.  We thought so very wrong.  She wailed the entire time.  We stopped twice to calm her down, but she resumed her crying as soon as she was back in the car seat.  Nothing like three hours of cacophonous baby fury to sap the energy out of you.

On Monday Ava’s parents had a home maintenance problem to repair, so I babysat all day.  Normally I have my youngest sister with me to help, but since she was away on the epic stay-cation I was flying solo.  Sunday must have ruined Ava’s thirst for adventure, because she screamed every time she was in a car.  By the end of the day my nerves were frayed.

Some calm in the storm came when we visited my sis-in-law and her two babies.  Ava took a nice long nap in a swing while I had a serious conversation with this angel:

The calmest baby in the world.

Smushy’s new sister!

She is only two months younger than Ava, and Smushy is only a year and a half older, so I have a feeling the three of them are going to be thick as thieves.  This new one is the calmest baby in the world.  I can see Ava bossing her around.  So I talked to her about not being a doormat to her cousin.  She stared at me smiling the whole time.  And then slept like a log.  Her mommy said I wore her out talking so much.  I think I bored her to death.

Tuesday was blessedly uneventful.  I went grocery shopping and cooked dinner.

On Wednesday Drew started back at school.  Tenth grade!  I forgot to take pictures.  He looked so nice, too.  😦  In order to stay in Drama he has seven classes this year, which means school starts at 7:00 am.  That is soooooooooo early!  *cry*  We made it on-time, though. 

At about noon I noticed there were phone messages.  One was from the high school, left the day before, saying the first day of school started at 9:15.  Whoops!  Drew said it was okay:  he found a friend whose parents also failed to get the message. Freshmen had to be at school by 7:30 for orientation, so Drew and his friend occupied their time by sizing up the fresh meat.

Later in the evening I sat at the kitchen table, eating dinner by myself, watching a recorded TV show, enjoying the peace, minding my own business, when our intrepid stay-cationers arrived home unexpectedly.  Not that I expected them on any particular day, but I had hoped we’d get an extra day of peace.  Alas, it was not to be.  My sister marched in and said my car was in their way, Mom asked why I made dinner, and my step-dad wondered what this country is coming to when a little girl in Tennessee gets in trouble for saying “bless you” to a sneezing classmate.

Thus ended Noncation 2014.

At least I got a souvenir.

At least I got a souvenir.


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