Baby Shower

I’m late.  The baby shower was last weekend.  Forgive me.

decorations 1


It wasn’t the typical pastel-colored hen-fest.  It was ladybugs and sunflowers: lots of red, black, and yellow.  Co-ed and outside, at the park, in the sunshine.

decorations 2

Centerpiece thank-you gifts: grow kits for miniature sunflowers.

decorations 6

Instruction cards.

We spent the better part of the week preparing.  We put together the grow kits ourselves, handmade the instruction cards, made and decorated the cupcakes, shopped for everything…whew!

The cuppycakes: vanilla, chocolate, and sugar-free chocolate.

A close-up of the chocolate ones.

A close-up of the chocolate ones.

I was beyond exhausted.  But the day was a success.

guests 8 guests 10 guests 20 guests 9

Me with my personal support group for the day.



Janice and kids 1

Play-Doh Baby game: five minutes to make a baby out of play-doh, parents' favorite wins.

Play-Doh Baby game: five minutes to make a baby out of play-doh, parents’ favorite wins.

Play-Doh Baby winner.

Play-Doh Baby winner.

Play-Doh Baby losers.

tummy touch 1 jessica chris 4 Moms and grandmoms tightThis picture requires a longer explanation.  In relation to Jess (in the middle), from left to right: grandmother, grandmother (my step-mom), mother (me), grandmother (my mom), and great-grandmother (my Oma).  Four generations of women; five once Ava arrives.  Priceless.

At the end of the day we had tons of thank-you gifts left, so Jess’s dad passed them out to families in the park.  It was so special to look around and see our cheerful little pots everywhere!

Oh, and I promised to share all of the adorable things that Cheryl made for our Ava.

dress 1 dress 2 dress 3

dress accessories

Flower headbands and diaper covers.

Jess is about to start her 36th week, so we are getting down to the wire.  Are you excited? I am trying to stay calm and sage-like.  I know there is a lot of work ahead of us.


3 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. What a wonderful multi-generational photo, and to think that this precious baby is going to be a part of so much love. Simply wonderful. You threw baby Ava and her mommy a wonderful party. I love the grow-kits. Yes, I’m very excited for you. ox

  2. Ooooh, getting close now! Jess looks wonderful…her expression in the one you called Tummy Touch is perfect 🙂
    And, would you look at that Smushy-Face! Getting so big!
    Wishing you All the Good Things, Oma-To-Be….

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