Small Exciting Things

I am up entirely too early thanks to this horrid dry weather we are having.  It is not the miserable blizzardy freeze most of the country is experiencing, but rather a very warm, fire-loving dryness that is wreaking havoc on my lungs.  It doesn’t help that there is a large fire 20 miles away.

But I’m not Negative Nee-Nee today.  I think a lot about the stories I want to tell, but sometimes I think I come across as too negative.  So while I’m up I’m going to inject some happiness into our day.

First up, Smushy!

I think it's safe to say he enjoyed Christmas.

I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed Christmas.

This was his favorite present.  He showed it to me and told me his Daddy gave it to him.  True story.

This was his favorite present. He showed it to me and told me his Daddy gave it to him. True story.

Smushyface is a very smart, very busy little man.  And in the summer he is going to be a big brother!  Good thing his mommy is the organized type.

Speaking of babies, we know what my daughter is having:

A little girl!

A little girl!

Eeeeeeee!  I am over the moon.  I have committed to braiding hair every Sunday.  You see, my kids look like this

*sigh* I wish they still looked like this.

*sigh* I wish they still looked like this. Christmas 1998

*pout*  Fast-forward fifteen years to THIS Christmas:

That's more like it.  December 2013

There they are. December 2013

When Jess came along her hair was coarser and curlier than I knew how to manage, but too fine and straight for her paternal grandmother’s experience.  Jess’s childhood had a lot of trial and hair-or.  (See what I did there?)  I’m no expert but I now know the tools and the products, and I’m the only one in the family who knows how to French braid.  Smushy’s mom has already asked for help if she has a girl, too.  I hated doing hair when Jess was little because it took so much longer than I was accustomed to, but it needed to be done.  As an Oma I can’t wait!

What else?

Oh THIS guy!

The "ice cream hat"

The “ice cream hat”

This is my friend Steve.  He is an amazing writer with a fun short story blog, Uneasy Rider.  I don’t remember how it got started, but someone called for Steve’s friends to bombard him with crazy hats.  While on break from school I found myself knitting again, so I decided to practice a new slouchy pattern I learned and make Steve a hat that [vaguely] resembles an ice cream cone.  He assures me that he has since stretched it to fit properly and has permanently affixed the giant cherry pom-pom (which I left optional).

Drowsiness has finally caught up with me.  I am expected at brunch later this morning, so I am off to bed for a quick nap.  After I shove Jess aside.  Kids, I swear…

"Get on this step!  You are not allowed to be taller than me!"

“Get on this step! You are not allowed to be taller than me!”


8 thoughts on “Small Exciting Things

  1. Much fun to be included in your family, Janine. When I saw my “selfie”, I had to laugh. I’m actually wearing your wonderful “ice cream” hat at this very moment. It’s great! Thanks again for trying your “slouchy pattern” out exclusively for my head. A true life-saver for cold mornings.

  2. Your children are beautiful, Janine…such happy kids. At least for that one moment, eh? 😉
    How could anybody be unhappy with a face like Smushy’s to look at?
    When will Miss Ava ‘grace’ the world with her arrival?

    • Thank you, Marie. They keep changing the exact date, but Ava Grace is due the third week of May, right around my birthday! Jess is living with us again so I will be able to get my Beautiful Baby fix a lot more often. 🙂

  3. Ava Grace! What a beautiful name. How exciting to have a little granddaughter and you’re going to experience your whole world turned upside down–perfect! I love your “hair care stories.” It would be a learning curve! Do let us know when that little one arrives., and keep knitting. You are very creative! Now you can knit baby things. 🙂

  4. hellowie, Janine… happy New Year, hugs. 🙂 awww, you sound like a contented grandma in this post, hahaha. kids are cute! and fun to be with and around… especially when they aren’t yours (hahaha) – you can give them back to their moms when they’re messy already and you don’t have to kill yourself about not having enough money for their tuition (hahaha) 😉

    you’ll be Oma twice, hoho. you know, our oldest grandniece is German on the mother side. she calls her grandma and us (her father’s aunts) Oma, too. she’s 14 now and bigger than me, hehe. her horns have grown and branched out already, lol.

    you know how to French braid, to make cute hats (i know sir Steve from his blog – too good a writer, hoho) and how to shove children! you’re way too talented, my dear… 😉 waving…

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