Halloween N’ Stuff

Since my kids are mostly grown, and my neighborhood isn’t one people go trick-or-treating in, Halloween has become a quiet affair.  A day like any other except that we’re dressed oddly.

I looked something like this

Steampunk 2011

Steampunk 2011

minus the eyepatch, and minus the coat eventually.  It was just too warm.  I took the hat off during classes and one of my teachers asked if I was a Brontë sister.  Hmmm…maybe an idea for next year.

My son went as Deadpool, a comic book and video game hero:



He commandeered a styrofoam head, spray painted it, and named it Headpool.  The black paint melted the foam and made the eyes look scary.  He loved it.  He said it was his new best friend.

Headpool and Deadpool

Headpool and Deadpool

Headpool and Deadpool

Headpool and Deadpool

Teenage boys are so weird.

Teenage boys are so weird.

Those “swords,” by the way, are actually umbrellas with katana sword handles.  Probably my favorite Halloween prop ever.

My sister was a cupcake.



She made the hat the night before, to look roughly like a cupcake with rainbow button “sprinkles.”

And my mom, who only wears purple.  Ever.  She wears black pants or jeans and maybe black shoes, but everything else is purple.  Yes, e-v-e-r-y-thing.  She’s known as The Purple Lady until people know her name.  Halloween is more of the same:

Purple witch

Purple witch

It’s hard to see but the hat is purple, too, with a black veil.  That wig was bright enough to guide a ship.  The rest of her ensemble was just regular work clothes.

I spent the day absolutely exhausted.  I had a 6-page paper due on how Chaucer used satire in the General Prologue of Canterbury Tales, so that had me up late.  Then in the morning getting dressed up left me no time to eat or consume caffeine, which is a serious problem, so I spent the day in a perpetual state of dopeyness.  Everyone in English Lit seemed to be the same way, so class was unproductive and the teacher let us go early.  I finally ate a decent meal at 3pm but by then it was too late:  the damage was done and there was no redemption.  When I picked up Deadpool from his festivities, I had to take someone else with me to keep  from dozing off while I drove.

He wasn’t going to trick-or-treat, but the family he was with said his costume couldn’t go to waste and convinced him to do it.  He didn’t have a container, though, so he’d collect candy from one house, eat it, and not approach another house until he had finished what he had.  The family thought he was brilliant.

One year, when he was about 9 or so, he went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood by himself while it was still light out.  He got so much candy he had to come home two or three times to empty his bag.  When he was done he sorted it out, put what he didn’t want into a bowl (which was a lot because he’s very picky), turned on the porch light, and passed it out to other trick-or-treaters!

In a couple years we will have a toddler to dress up and parade through the neighborhoods.  I wonder what insane things their uncle is going to teach them?



9 thoughts on “Halloween N’ Stuff

    • Oh I’m sure we’ll dress it up, but it won’t be walking or, you know, KNOW anything. It’ll only be 5 months old. Infants are so boring.

  1. The “teenage boys are weird” photo is not as weird as you might think. It conjures up these classic lines: “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar?” (Hamlet, V.i)

    • When my mom was about my age, she worked as a courtroom clerk. One year she spray-painted her hair pink and purple for Halloween but wore regular clothes. Her judge loved it, but the clerk administrators took disciplinary action because courtroom clerks weren’t allowed to wear costumes. She fought it, saying colored hair alone doesn’t constitute a costume. They said unnatural hair color is considered a costume. What about the women who dye and bleach their hair into strange, brassy orange colors? Well that’s different, they said: their hair is like that every day. So if her hair was purple every day it would have been okay? Yes, they said. My mom’s hair was purple for the next seven years.

  2. What you’ve just shown me is that your entire family is uber-creative, Janine! I loved each costume. Your mother only wearing purple is hilarious, and profound! She’s being herself and doing it her way and that makes it special. Your son is a delight, too. I don’t know the character, but he really go into it! This was so fun to read!

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