There Comes a Time

And I suppose it comes to most parents.  Not all, but most, I think.  The time to become a grandparent arrives.

My time is due to arrive in May.  On my birthday, to be exact!


I don’t think people know how to react.  I for one was happy, but the naysayers had me questioning whether or not I should be.  My daughter will be 21, just starting her adulthood, still with big things to accomplish and dreams to fulfill.  However, she’s older than I was when I became a mother, older than both of her grandmothers, the same age as her great-grandmother.  Perhaps the timing isn’t ideal, but it’s far from ruinous.  Besides, if everyone waited for the opportune time to have children, how many of us would be here now?  Life moves forward whether we’re ready or not, and whether we approve or not.


*happy dance happy dance happy dance*

*happy dance happy dance happy dance*

Actually, I’m going to be an Oma.  We’re of Dutch descent around here, so most of the grandparents in my family are some form of Oma or Opa.  Now it’s my turn!  YAAAAY!!!

As for the girl, well, poor thing.  She’s all over the place:  ready to take over the world one day, heavy and nauseous the next, usually the latter.  First-time first trimesters are particularly rough, but through it all I see that mother instinct kicking in already.  The force is strong with this one.

Cue Yoda.

Cue Yoda.



8 thoughts on “There Comes a Time

  1. Congrats, Oma! Sarah was the same age when Niko was born…and just like you, I shrugged and said, “Well, she’s older than *I* was…” At least we have plenty of Life Experience to share with them, eh?
    Best of luck to all of you! 😀

  2. She’s my first grandchild and I remember distinctly when I was told she was born. I was living in Oregon and at work, when my mother called to tell me the news. “You’re a grandpa…” and went on with all the facts and figures. I had already collapsed on the floor in shock, although I knew this was coming. After I hung up the phone, people were looking at me, concerned. They asked what was wrong. I just said, “I’m a grandpa.” They then asked all the usual questions. Boy or girl? What weight? How big? I didn’t know, I really didn’t hear a thing after the first three words. It doesn’t matter how ready you think you are. When reality hits, it can be overwhelming. I hope becoming a great grandpa goes a lot smoother.

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