A late coworker, Mr. B., once asked, “If you can be disgruntled, can you be gruntled?”  The answer:  yes.  Yes you can.


You’re welcome.

This morning I feel disgruntled.  I can’t find a good spot to set up my laptop.  Either the sun is in my eyes or reflecting off my screen.  Or the seat is uncomfortable.  Or the room is too warm.  Or my mouse doesn’t like the surface.  I’m easily distracted.  School is already overwhelming, and it’s only been three weeks; that’s bothering me, too.  Maybe I’m just hormonal.

I forgot to post the View Club shots yesterday as promised.  Bad J9.  I’m not taking anymore of the building because it’s done.  Here are my first and last pics, a difference of almost ten months:

Construction site, 11/26

Construction site, 11/26/12

Center for the Arts, 9-4-13

Center for the Arts, 9/4/13

It doesn’t even look l like the same building does it?  But those are the same two trees on the bottom right in both pics.  My angle’s only a little off.

Mountains, 9/6/13

Mountains, 9/6/13

Mountains, 2 hours later

Mountains, 2 hours later

I love those big puffy clouds, so I couldn’t resist taking two shots.  When our humidity is high they look more like that first shot.  The heat abated this week but it’s creeping back up, thankfully without the humidity.

Sculpture Garden, 9/6/13

Sculpture Garden, 9/6/13

I forgot to show you all what else we bought for the yard:

A new lemon tree!

A new lemon tree!

Our current lemon tree was here when my parents bought the house in 1980.  It’s looking scraggly these days, and although I think it just needs a little TLC, Step-Dad thinks it needs to go.  So he bought this interesting specimen:

Technically, a variegated Eureka lemon

Ooo stripey!

It has variegated leaves, a striped peel, and pink inner flesh.

Ooo stripey!

Technically a variegated Eureka lemon

Personally I wanted a Pomona lemon because they’re sweeter and the blossoms smell heavenly, but I’ll admit this one is pretty neat. Step-Dad moved a young mulberry tree so the lemon could go next to my herb garden.  Wasn’t that nice?

Friend Bee

Friend Bee

This is Friend Bee.  Friend Bee has been buzzing around my seedlings all by its lonesome for several weeks, collecting water from the peat pots.  I took a cue from Celi over at The Kitchen’s Garden and made Friend Bee a shallow sugar water tray (here’s Celi’s) with pebbles and twigs for her to sit on so she won’t drown. My pebbles are plain, so I added a drop of food color to make it more attractive.  We have plenty of flowers…lantanas, four o’clocks, duranta, hibiscus…but it was my hope that Friend Bee would bring more hivemates.  Not that I want another swarm



.  but I want to do my part.



I put the tray on an old failed bird bath far away from the house, but it got no attention.  Not even from ants.  So I moved it next to the seedlings.  Friend Bee found it right away.  She started in a nice deep pocket of syrup, but then lost her footing on a slippery glass pebble and couldn’t get herself out.  I rescued her with a redwood frond.  She decided to stick with the biggest twig on the tray

Much better

Much better

and has been a fixture on that log bridge ever since.  She’s still solo, though.  I wonder where her family is?  The beekeeper said the Easter swarm had to come from a bigger colony nearby, so Friend Bee shouldn’t be alone even if she was part of that group.  Maybe she’ll become a queen since she knows a prime spot for food and water now.  😉

Alright, I’m off to finish Beowulf, and maybe some Cultural Anthropology, and perhaps the mountain of reading I have for Modern Drama.  Stay safe!


6 thoughts on “Disgruntled

  1. Did you know that if your wee bee takes this pink sugar water back to her hive she will make pink honey.. there were hives next to a m&m factory and they had multi coloured honey.. weird! I am glad she found your syrup, she will be grateful at this time of year i am sure.. now, back to study for you!! c

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