I Shouldn’t Be Up

I can’t help it, though.  I promised myself that I’d blog this week, and who knows when I’ll get another minute.

The first week of school was insane.  I would love to take nothing but writing classes, but I still have some general ed classes to knock out if I want to graduate ever.  And since I didn’t take the summer classes I was supposed to, I really need to focus on those GEs.

However, I could only get into one class I needed; everything else was full.  No problem, thought I: I can show up to the first session of a class, and if there is room the teacher will add me.  I’ve never been denied a spot in a class I’ve had to add.

Famous last words.

First, I sat through a 3-hour Biology lecture and took 6 pages of notes.  In the end there were only 3 spots available, with at least 10 people ahead of me vying for those spots.  There was an identical class being held that day, but it overlapped the class I sat through, so I missed it.

The following day I arrived at school for an 8:40 am Anthropology class.  By the time I wound my way from the roof of the parking structure to the building, up the elevator to the 3rd floor and double-back to the wing I entered from, I was dripping with sweat.  Wouldn’t you know, room 301 was the last classroom at the end of the corridor.  As I walked farther and farther down, the collection of students waiting against the walls got thicker and thicker.  By the time I reached the classroom, the hallway walls were like the bottoms of sardine cans: packed tight from the far side of room 302 to the exit doors at the very end of the hall.  The building AC hadn’t quite kicked in yet, so those sardine can walls were closing in on me with every sticky, oxygen-deprived step.  I discovered that 301 was the only room that was dark and locked.  All these sardines were waiting for one room!  MY room!  There wasn’t enough no space in that one little class!

I didn’t even pause. I walked straight on, down the stairs, out of the doors I came in, and back to my car.  I grabbed my sister Shelly and went out for breakfast.

There was another Anthro class at noon.  By now the building was nice and icy, and there weren’t nearly so many people waiting in the hall.  Aaaand, there were exactly enough spaces in the class for the number of students wanting to add.  Score!

My final schedule:  English Literature to 1800; Modern Drama (another lit class); and Cultural Anthropology.  I entertained the idea of taking four classes this semester, but three is all I can handle.  So far my non-school days have been full of school work.  I’m trying to bleed more time for extracurricular things like sleeping and showering, or having lunch with a friend, which I couldn’t do today because I had too much homework.  😦

I was able to do something fun today:


San Gabriel Mountains, 9-4-13

View Club shots! Miraculously I found a spot in the right parking structure.  It’s close to the library so it’s usually full.  We got lucky today.


Construction 9-4-13

The building is mostly finished.  They’re holding classes in there already.  As you can see, we now know what it is:


“Construction” is now the Center for the Arts

All the fine arts classes are there.  At the other end is the Boone Family Art Gallery, to go along with the Boone Sculpture Garden I suppose,


Boone Sculpture Garden, 9-4-13

which looked lovely today despite the wretched heat.

I’m currently sitting outside on the east porch because the house feels like an oven, even here in the middle of the night.  Something akin to a huge flying cockroach just whizzed behind me and landed on the wall.  It’s going to eat me.  I think I’m done typing now.


5 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Be Up

  1. Ha! Niko’s new favorite thing to tell me when we’re outside is “The ants want to EAT me!”
    Yes, they do. Quit digging up their house and they’ll leave you alone…
    Hope you finally got some sleep – hot nights are miserable…

    • It is going to be over 100 today, so get ready! Oooh the hair…the day before school started, I had about 5 inches chopped off. Normally I keep a hair tie around my wrist at all times, but since I cut so much off I thought I could keep it down. Wrong. On the first day of school my hair was a stringy, damp mess, and I ended up using my computer ear buds to tie it up!

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