Noncation 2013: Day 2

8:45 am: Wake up.  Wonder why I’m awake before 9 am.  Stumble downstairs for some water.  Put the bird out and offer to feed Sahara.  She’s not interested.  Stumble back upstairs to check email and Facebook. 

9:45 am:  Still can’t keep my eyes open.  Can’t remember what time I went to bed last night (okay, this morning).  Go back to bed.

Everyone's bed should be a comfy mess.

Everyone’s bed should be a comfy mess.

11:30 am:  Wake up again feeling better.  I really need to change my schedule back to my non-summer, non-lazy routine.  Maybe tomorrow.

12:00 pm:  Read part of a book.  Play part of a game.  Stare at part of a wall.  Contemplate dinner.  Do absolutely nothing.

1:00 pm:  Receive an email saying one of my Sing-Off ticket requests is now available, but they’re still first come, first serve.  I stub my fingers trying to get to the website quick-like.

1:20 pm:  Got the tickets!  I’m not as excited this time because I’m still recovering from the last taping, but I am excited to take my daddy.  Our call time is much earlier, so even if they run over we’ll be out well before midnight.

2:20 pm:  Decide to stop typing and maybe get on with the rest of my day.  But I start listening to this, and it’s hard to tear myself away:

2:40 pm:  Actually get up and get on with the rest of my day.

3:30 pm:  Take a shower and I’m still sweaty.  Decide that ice cream is in order before I go to market.  Make myself a sundae with marble fudge ice cream, homemade cinnamon whipped cream, and maraschino cherries.

4:00 pm: Realize that I don’t have to go to the market today!  I have everything I need for the lemon-sage chicken if I use dried sage.

4:01 pm:  Grab the chicken from the fridge in the garage, and lemons from the tree.  Survey the yard for my herb garden project.  Fail to find a good spot.

5:00 pm:  Get the chicken in the oven.  It’s too hot to roast anything today, but the last time I made this recipe I tried to crock-pot it.  Huge mistake.  Of course I also replaced several ingredients.  This time I’m sticking closer to the recipe.  It will be good, so help me…

5:15 pm:  Can’t find another roasting pan for the veggies.  I’ll have to use the 12” cast iron skillet, but it needs washing.

5:16 pm:  There are too many dishes in the sink: the skillet won’t fit.

5:17 pm:  Wash most of the dishes.

5:27 pm:  Wash the skillet.

5:50 pm:  Finish cutting up the veggies: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and turnips tossed with thyme.  I’ve used parsnips before, but I’ve never even tasted a turnip.  I try a little piece and it’s fantastic!  Why don’t people use these things anymore?

The chicken will be done way before the veggies.  I’ll have to pan-roast them on the stove top.  More heat my kitchen doesn’t need.  Great.

Save my vegetable scraps and freeze them for stock.  Anyone know how to jar stock?

7:00 pm:  The chicken is amazing!  Goes especially well with the turnips.

9:00 pm:  Mom calls.  They visited the town of Julian today, and are staying in El Cajon (pronounced el kuh-HONE) tonight.  Shelly wants to swim but the pool is closed.  The motel gives her free wi-fi.

10:00 pm:  Catch my cat, Sprite, trying to eat Sahara’s food.  She has gotten very skinny since we moved here.  I talk to Joe about starting her on canned food again.

Sprite, Queen of the Pixie Cats.

Sprite, Queen of the Pixie Cats.

10:30 pm:  Catch Sprite outside. She’s an indoor cat.   I had hoped her skittishness would keep her that way; otherwise it will be damn near impossible to keep her inside while we’re here.  Clearly she’s not skittish enough.

Sometime after 2:00 am:  Go to bed.


8 thoughts on “Noncation 2013: Day 2

  1. Then freeze the jar! Sage chicken does sound good. I hope you are up and at ’em this morning. Though that bed of yours must be cosy! And if you have a good book, a nice spot in the garden would be perfect too.. have a lovely day.. c

    • Freezer space is already at a premium around here, Celi. If we learn to can, we can store them anywhere! My own tall teenager starts school in three days so whether or not I’m ready, I better be up and at em’ by then!

  2. I enjoyed your day! It seems to me it had a great deal of productivity built right in. Sometimes it’s the slow days that prepare us for the days to come. What is the Sing-Off? I would like to know a bit more about that. 🙂

    • The Sing-Off is a TV show, an a cappella singing competition on NBC. It was on for 3 seasons before it was cancelled. With the popularity of the movie Pitch Perfect they decided to bring it back. I don’t know when it’s supposed to air, but it usually runs September to January. It’s really one of the better competition shows: no mean judges, no overwrought backstage drama, just good singing.

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