Just Pictures – 8th Grade Graduation

My youngest offspring graduated from middle school today.  *sniffle*

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No, we are not Scots, but if Drew is going to do a thing he’s not going to go about it conservatively if he can help it.  I just love that about him.


7 thoughts on “Just Pictures – 8th Grade Graduation

  1. What a full of life young man, Janine! I love the kilt! He’s one handsome guy, and it’s clear he’s a lot of fun. You are undoubtedly so very proud of him and isn’t it great to see him pass one of life’s important milestones. The youngest one passing a threshold is always very bittersweet. I’d sniffle, too. 🙂

    • Thank you , Debra. I’ll probably be a wreck when he graduates high school. Or I’ll throw an Empty Nest party, it could go either way. But I think it’ll be the former. He is a really great kid.

  2. congrats, janine… 🙂 hey, your son is tall and handsome, eh. and he’s three times more alive than prince charles in that costume, ahaha. 😉 must have been a fine day for all of you… 🙂 ~san

  3. I am sure you are all looking forward to a wonderful summer to.. these graduations they have are such a big moment, we have nothing like that in NZ, just very long final assemblies! c

    • Thankfully they kept it short and fairly low-key, and Andrew lives to shock-and-run so it was perfect for him. We are recovering from big changes this summer, but so far so good. I hope the rest of yours is kinder. ❤

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