Reblog: Remember, it’s ART

I read a very interesting blog post from Dave Pimentel, an art teacher and Disney story artist.  He talks about how he learned that practice sketches were not just scribbles on a page, but their own pieces of art.

His advice hit me because I think it applies anything that moves us forward.  It certainly applies to writing.  Writers freewrite, practice write, scribble little notes in notebooks, and then toss the notebooks aside to work on “real stuff.”  Every writing teacher in the world tells us that this brain dumping holds valuable material to cultivate into something amazing, but it’s so much easier to close the nonsense away than to hunt for that pearl.

Here’s the thing:  it’s not nonsense, and it’s not as hard to find those pearls as we make it out to be.  I am so very guilty of this mindset, so I’m sharing Dave’s good advice for myself as much as everyone else.

Every step, every attempt, is a valuable one.  I hope you see the value in your steps, too.

Dave Pimentel:  Remember, it’s ART!


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