Easter Eve and A Question of Bees

Easter Eve should be its own celebration, like Christmas Eve or All Hallow’s Eve.  We should, I don’t know, dress up in funny rabbit ears and eat just one Cadbury Creme Egg.  Yes.

I wasn’t going to post just yet.  I’ve been waiting for one more story component to pop up online, but there is a pressing matter at hand today.

While retrieving pictures of said pressing matter, I came across some photos that should be shared.  So first up are the View Club shots:

Construction 3-26-13

Boone Sculpture Garden 3-26-13

I didn’t take pictures of the mountains because frankly the view that day was hazy, murky, and disappointing.  This will make us all smile, though:

Smushy at 12 weeks

Smushy at 12 weeks


Have you ever seen my ear gauges?  Or my blond streak?  We can thank my sister Michele for the secret profile shot, and Paintshop Pro for the heavy cropping.

ear 3-13

Without jewelry, the hole is the diameter of a pencil.

What else did I find?  OH!  A couple of foreigners on the porch:

Rob and Noel, aka Dutch and Cuban.

Rob and Noel, aka Dutch and Cuban.

And buffet table decorations for tomorrow:

What a quack-up.

What a quack-up.

We no longer color hard-boiled eggs because no one really eats them.  One year, however, someone…I think it was me…thought we should let the kids color them, but then use them in dishes such as the potato salad.  It wasn’t the most practical idea, but we tried it anyway.  If the eggshells were cracked the resulting colored egg whites were quite pretty, and perfect for deviled eggs.

Marbled egg white

Marbled egg white

When we did it on purpose, though, the results weren’t consistent.  So now this happens instead:

Future deviled eggs

Future deviled eggs

The eggs are peeled and sliced, and the naked egg whites are dyed.  Our Easter deviled eggs are the prettiest around!

And now onto our more pressing matter.  Mom and I came home from last-minute Easter shopping to find everyone in a bit of a tizzy.  They said there had been a swarm of bees in the backyard.  Well, sure:  it’s Spring.  It’s sunny.  Bees are good.  Leave them alone.  Right?  All you farm types? Right?

Roses.  Beezes love roses.

Roses. Beezes love roses.

If there are that many bees, let’s go buy one of those square hive things and a spaceman suit, and put those suckers to work!  Free, fresh honey and beeswax!

But do you see what I see?



Now, I’m no expert on bees n’ things, but this doesn’t look good.  Apparently they filled up this side of the yard in a literal swarm, and then clustered themselves into this Cone of Doom in about ten minutes.  No one has been stung thankfully, but…hmm.  Thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Easter Eve and A Question of Bees

  1. Leave ’em be, unless they’re in your way…they’ll be off before long to find a new home. Unless you know a beekeeper who would want them?
    I’ve seen swarms on the wing – it’s an impressive and terrifying experience!
    Happy Easter!

  2. They will leave on their own…just as soon as the Queen gets news from the scouts of a perfect new place to live. Or you can call a honey person and they will come get the swam for a hive they have waiting.

    By the time you get this I’ll be the swarm is gone. At this stage they are completely harmless…I’ve seen bee people with swarms riding on their backs…although, I have never done it.

    Love your eggs!

    Happy Easter…J9


  3. There are professionals who will come and collect the swarm if it didn’t leave on its own. I think it’s kind of exciting to see one, but probably not in my own yard. And your eggs are rather creative! Very fun. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. You seemed quite prepared! 🙂 Smushy is adorable!!

  4. Since the bee issue has already been addressed, I’m turning instead to the Easter Eve celebration you’ve proposed—but only one personal aspect of it, to wit: why did you take no pictures of rabbit-eared students strutting along the cemented paths (in an Easterly Eve manner, that is) of your Boone Sculpture Garden photo to mark the occasion?

    • That’s a good idea, but there were none. School was closed on Saturday, Easter Eve, as well as Friday, Easter Eve Eve. And I saw no bunny ears on Thursday. Actually, I only saw bunny ears at all on TV. I didn’t even see a scary mall Easter Bunny. Ah, the blessings of older children. I did, however, eat more than my share of jelly beans and chocolate.

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