I Must Admit

I am procrastinating.  Completely.  Utterly.  Unabashedly.  Well, maybe a little abashedly.

I’m working on a project for Creative Writing that has been sort of a nightmare.  My group has not worked well as a team.  As a result our project is late, and the instructor gave us the option to do separate projects.  Ouch.  She also told me to stop being so nice and doing so much of the work, but I can’t help it:  maybe it’s the mother in me, but I don’t want anyone to be left behind even if they deserve it.  I’m very protective of my team.

My official part of the project is anything that has to be done on-line, so right now I am supposed to be setting up a blog in order to make our project available publicly.  I am having a hard time finding a theme that works for me.  So here I am, procrastinating in this blog instead.

By the way, our project is on a book that started out as a blog, isn’t that a coinkydink?  It’s called Galerie de Difformité by Gretchen Henderson.  You should check it out, especially if you’re a writer.  The more you read through it the more sense it sort of makes.  I am a little heartbroken that I will have to resell my copy.

I have View Club shots from Wednesday, when it was nice and overcast.  Nearly perfect weather in my opinion, as I like it cool enough to need a light jacket and arm warmers, but not so cold that I need a scarf and hat.  Ideally it is also raining, but that’s a tall order here in the SoCal.

San Gabriel Mountains, 3-20-13

San Gabriel Mountains, 3-20-13

Construction, 3-20-23

Construction, 3-20-23

Boone Sculpture Garden, 3-20-13

Boone Sculpture Garden, 3-20-13

Now that Jess is helping her aunt, I get to see this sweet face more often:

Smushy at 10 weeks

Smushy at 10 weeks

He already has his daddy’s crooked smile and his mommy’s terribly sad cry.  No matter how many babies I see enter this world and grow, they never cease to be amazing.

Have a lovely weekend!


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