A New Talent

No pictures today, but I have a video for you!

I forgot how bad school vacation is for me.  I should have remembered from December, when I got so depressed.  I was looking forward to Spring Break this week because I have been working so hard.  I had plenty of writing to keep my mind occupied, but when the blues creep in I absolutely hate writing.  All that yuck sits among my words like decomposing swamp moss, and I can’t bear to look at them again, much less revise and refine.  I know I need to get over it, but I’m claiming Unskilled Newbie Writer credit.

In the meantime, I read through Celi’s blog and learned a lot about her farm history, which was fun.  Even the sad parts, because those make me feel good, too:  life comes, life goes, life continues and is good.

I also taught myself the cup game thingie…I don’t know what to call it.  *L*  If you saw the movie Pitch Perfect, you know exactly.  It’s not new:  it was in an episode of Full House way back when.  An English singing duet, Lulu and the Lampshades, redid an old song called Miss Me When I’m Gone and added the cup game to it.  The movie Pitch Perfect borrowed it, and now You Tube is rife with covers of it.

So to distract myself one day, I decided to learn it.  When I showed my daughter, Jessica, she learned it, too, along with the song.  She in turn inspired my sister, Michele, to learn the cup-banging part with us.

We wanted to make a video of the three of us showing off our new talent, but Michele, bless her heart, is a solo act.  So she recorded Jess and I instead:

I hope your week was, at the very least, as productive as mine, and that your weekend is happy and restful.


13 thoughts on “A New Talent

  1. Awesome video, Janine. You realize that had it been me handling one of those cups, I would have slipped in about second 5 and put somebody’s eye out. By the way, the cups themselves brought back old memories of the exact same kind we had at home when I was a teen. Only we didn’t use them as musical instruments.

    As for the blues affecting your writing, I didn’t see it anywhere in your blog. You seemed quite eloquent to me.

    • That pushed the boundaries of my coordination, Steve. I might’ve been able to bray the backup vocals, but then I would’ve hurt someone with the cup.

  2. hello, J9… wow, you’re good at it. and Jess has a fine voice… oh, I have a nephew who is good at stacking glasses. but the one you showed above has only one plastic glass to tackle. now, that’s something else. thanks for sharing…
    btw, it’s a delight to see J9 up close. 🙂 warm regards… ~ San

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