A Better Day

Thank you all for your kind words last week.  It was a tough one, but I’m feeling better. ❤

My classes this semester are in different buildings than last semester. I hadn’t considered this possibility when I chose my View Club shots from the parking structure.  Oops.  Nevertheless, I got my shots in this afternoon at about 1:00 pm:

San Gabriel Mountains, 1-17-13

San Gabriel Mountains, 1-17-13

Construction, 1-17-13

Construction, 1-17-13

Boone Sculpture Garden, 1-17-13

Boone Sculpture Garden, 1-17-13

I feel a little guilty when our skies are so blue and our sun is so sunny, when so many others are taking pictures of frost and snow.  Especially when we have days like today, where the highs were in the upper 70’s.  How do we even know it’s winter here, you might ask?  Well, because Mt. Baldy is covered in snow,

Mt. Baldy, 1-17-13

Mt. Baldy, 1-17-13

the closest ski resorts have their own spots on the morning news broadcasts, and the nights are still cold.  I wish it would just keep raining.  I love rain…have I said that enough?

I had the chance to visit with a high school friend today.  We sat in the quad at PCC and talked the way old friends do, of everything from kids to men to work to being back at school.  She’s taking courses in automotive technology.  How kick-ass is that?   I’m so proud of her.  Our little visit made for a great school day.  ❤

Tomorrow is my first Inter-Club Council meeting.  I don’t know what to expect: I’ve never been involved in any kind of student government-type stuff.  My hope is that I’m not the only grown-up (read: over 30) student rep there.  My second hope is that the faculty member in charge isn’t younger than me.

And last but not least, Smushy!  I took him and his mommy to another check-up this week.  Mommy is shrinking and healing rapidly.  I can see a bit of that crazed glint in her eye, though, the one that comes from being stuck indoors for weeks on end, with nothing to do but milk and wipe poo. As for Smushy, he’s growing the way babies tend to do.

DJ, 2 weeks old.

DJ, 2 weeks old.

His little face makes me so happy, I feel fluttery.

Have a lovely day.  ❤


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