Enter Title Here – Cuz I’m Not Doin’ It

Another frustrating day.  I don’t know if it’s “them” or me, but chocolate, wine, and cake are helping.

It’s them.  It’s definitely them. #$%^ers.

*deep breath, another sip of wine, carry on, calmly*

Today was the first day of school.  It did not go well.  On the bright side, I was finally able to take some new View Club shots:

San Gabriel Mountains, 1-7

San Gabriel Mountains, 1-7

Construction, 1-7

Construction, 1-7

Boone Sculpture Garden, 1-7

Boone Sculpture Garden, 1-7

The weather has been too cold for our tender skins, but in the grand scheme of things it’s been glorious.  The bleachers that line Colorado Blvd. for the Rose Parade have already been dismantled and removed.  Do you watch that on New Year’s Day?  I grew up sleeping in the gutter overnight to get a front-row seat for the parade.  I’ve only done it once as an adult.  I have since decided that it’s much more convenient, and informative, and warm and comfortable, to watch it from home.  The parade is rebroadcast by a local television station all day long in case we miss something.  Plus, several floats drive past my parents’ house the day after the parade on their way to be dismantled.  This year, 19 of them went by.

The annual Tournament of Wilted Roses.

The annual Tournament of Wilted Roses.

Jess and the Rotary International float

Smile, Jess!

I didn’t take pictures of them all, but I got some good shots here.

DJ is doing great, and so is his mommy.  Jess and I spent a couple days at their house, helping new mommy and staring adoringly at DJ, cooing at his smushy smallness and exclaiming with delight at every little twitch and yawn.  Jess tried to wake him up for a feeding once, but she didn’t have the heart to do more than pat his baby tushy back to sleep.  So I woke him up for the next one, to show her how it’s done.  I had way too much fun.  At one point I raised him up like Simba and sang “Circle of Life.”  Who says newborns have to be boring?

On Saturday, a Facebook friend posted a picture of a double rainbow.  I was ready to ask where she lived when I remembered she lives near me!  The post was only a minute old, so I ran through the house shouting, “Double rainbow! Double rainbow!” like a town crier.  Seven of us stampeded out of the front door, then around the house to the backyard because a huge tree blocked our view.  We didn’t see a double rainbow, but we did catch a beautiful single one:


Rainbow pouring from the clouds

That about does it.  Have a lovely…anything. ❤


12 thoughts on “Enter Title Here – Cuz I’m Not Doin’ It

  1. Girl, you crack me up!

    And: I have dozens of photos of the Rose Parade on my iPhone, that makes it look like we were there – but my husband took ’em off the wide-screen TV.

    It’s on our bucket list, though, to see it in person some day. SO: Can you or your mom put us up when we come LOL?

    BTW – I’m into wine & chocolate at this hour, as well – but it is already past midnight where I live. My bad … But you’re badder.

    Hope tomorrow is a GOOD day for you!

    ((Hugs)) Rani

      • True confession time : Wine gives me a headache, so I upgraded to whiskey, straight-up. And it wasn’t chocolate, but egg salad. Same difference. Headed for Dreamland now. I really do hope that Tuesday treats you decent, Janine!

  2. Did the Rose Parade a couple of times. It’s convenient to have a warm house nearby. The fun part is talking to the participants as they march/ride past. “Cheer up, you’re about half done!”, was usually returned with a deadly stare…at best. It would have been fun to say that to the marching band wearing authentic dutch wooden shoes this year.

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