J.F.A. and The Secondhand Family.

A sweet blog post from my daughter’s former boyfriend.  I am proud that our family inspired some good writing from the boy.  ;o)

Grr, I thought it would paste to the page.  Maybe it’s too long.  Oh well.  Click on the text, you’ll get there.


7 thoughts on “J.F.A. and The Secondhand Family.

  1. Wow, Janine … sounds like it’s too bad he’s her FORMER boyfriend … Sounds to me like the man’s in love with your daughter in all the best of ways. Plus he loves you all.

      • John’s piece belies his years. He and Jess are 18 and 19, respectively. His age, though, makes him a fun target for embarrassment. I think we’ll make an annual tradition of offering him yummy homemade Christmas treats in exchange for the chance to make him uncomfortable with bawdy conversation, annually dismantling his hard work in Jessica’s Family Anonymous meetings. Ha!

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