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I have to be in class super early in the morning (8:00, when it usually starts at 9:15) because of finals.  Naturally, I can’t sleep.  Not because I’m nervous about the final, since I don’t have one, but because I’ve been having a crappy week.  I’m trying to stay calm and be positive, or at least flexible, but my nerves are getting the better of me.

In the meantime, I finally finished my last school project!  Yay!  We had to take samples of our work and make a book.  I used just one long essay, about being fired from my last job.  Some of you read it when I sent it out and begged for feedback.  You can read the final draft here.

Class project: make a book from writing samples.

Class project: make a book from writing samples.

We didn’t have to do more than fold or staple some paper, but I got crafty.

I forgot my View Club photos last Wednesday, so I made a special trip to school Monday to take them.  I didn’t have class, you see.  It was a glorious, stereotypical Southern California day.

San Gabriel Mountains, 12-10

San Gabriel Mountains, 12-10

I definitely like this shot better without the ugly parking lot.

Construction, 12-10

Construction, 12-10

Boone Sculpture Garden, 12-10

Boone Sculpture Garden, 12-10

It was such a beautiful day that I took an extra shot of the mountains:

Mountains east, 12-10

Mountains east, 12-10

This is a little east of the usual shot, which is due north.  A big rainstorm is expected to move in today and last until the weekend sometime.  I can’t wait!  The light-colored peak in the above picture will probably get snow.  That’s Mt. San Antonio, aka Mt. Baldy. It’s one of the taller peaks in the range, and I believe it’s the most easterly ski mountain.  If today’s storm is particularly big or cold, the tippy-tops of our mountains might get a dusting of snow, too.

I’m finally yawning.  Have a lovely Wednesday.


15 thoughts on “View Club N’ Stuff

  1. I look forward to seeing your “rainy day” photos, Janine. This will be the measure of your stoicism in “all-weather” shoots. 😉

    • Truly. I tried to take some yesterday as the clouds were rolling in but I left my camera’s memory card in the computer! I love the rain, though. I imagine that one day I will live somewhere that experiences rain frequently.

      • Thanks to something similar that happened to Esther, I discovered that many digital cameras actually have a built-in memory of a few gigs, so you still might have been able to have shot a few pictures. But to get them out, you have to connect the camera itself to your computer with a cable. Rain is nice for us Californians, but every Oregonian I’ve ever spoken with wishes to heck that it wouldn’t rain quite so much in their state. Same with Washingtonians.

      • Wikipedia calls it the Pacific Temperate Rain Forest, covering the coast from northern California to southern Alaska. I am determined to live there someday.

      • Janine, when you head on up to the Pacific Temperate Rain Forest, just remember that in addition to the umbrella, poncho, rain cap and boots, don’t forget to include a snorkel. 😉

    • I need to crawl a little further into the mountains and get pictures for you guys. As lovely as they are from the foothills, a few of my favorite spots suffered fire damage in 2009. 😦

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