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Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my camera Wednesday.  So I borrowed my sister’s point-and-click for my biweekly shots.  It was supposed to start raining, but as you can see the clouds were just starting to creep over the hills.

San Gabriel Mountains, 11-28

San Gabriel Mountains, 11-28

The construction workers wrapped the top of the building frame with yellow stuff, I assume in anticipation of the rain.  I tried to find out what it will be, but no luck so far.

Construction site, 11-28

Construction site, 11-28

The well-manicured sculpture garden looked lovely as usual.

Boone Scupture Garden, 11-28

Boone Sculpture Garden, 11-28

The rain finally came yesterday morning.  Just a light, misty rain, but enough to pool and collect in small places.

Raindrops on bamboo plants

Raindrops on bamboo plants

I’ve been impatient to show off my beloved San Gabriel Mountains.  They’ve been so beautiful all season.  I picked a bad time to start taking pictures of it, but I guess the whole point of the project is to get it all, the good and the bad.  Fortunately, yesterday I happened to see a great view of the mountains as I was driving, so I pulled over and took a few pictures.  Unfortunately, it was through a power line field.

I don’t know how to use the panoramic setting on my camera yet, so I stitched my shots together myself. My panorama isn’t seamless, but the mountains are perfect, I promise:

San Gabriel Mountains between rain showers

San Gabriel Mountains between rain showers

Our rain is expected to continue until Tuesday.  I like a good, long, aggressive rainstorm, but this spotty, misty stuff is better than nothing.

Have a lovely weekend!


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