Reblog, from “The Kitchen’s Garden”

This is a reblog from The Kitchen’s Garden, my favorite blog. Celi is going to embark on a year-long photo project, where she will take the same picture once a day for a year to show the changes on her little farm through the seasons. Check it out and vote for a spot!


This poll is for all of you to vote on the view you would most like to see every day for a year. Remember we wil always have the usual assortment of animal and farmy shots, the food and the stories and the gardens.

This shot will not be cleaned up at all. It will be au natural as these ones are.

This shot will just be the opening or maybe the closing shot.

It will be the one that shows the same scene every day and the changes in the light and the seasons. But I cannot find one I am sure will be right.

I mean we don’t want to look at empty corn fields all winter do we .. you would die of boredom looking at fields all winter!

Hmm, I cannot get back across to update the poll. Their internet is woeful this morning, so if…

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