Mellow Yellow Monday


strawberry toes

Strawberry pedicure

Last summer our favorite pedicurist, Leyna, came up with a new watermelon nail design.  It was similar to a French-tip style:  red with black tear-shaped spots and green stripey tips.  My daughter and I told Leyna we would get that design the next time we came in for pedicures.

Two weeks later we hit the nail shop for our watermelon toes. Leyna informed us that my best friend [at the time] had been there the day before, and had the new design on HER toes!  Not wanting to put us in the awkward position of being seen in public with matching toes (which apparently is only a faux pas if you’re not related), she painted tiny watermelons on our big toes instead. They were okay, but we were disappointed. Wouldn’t you know, my friend got her toes repainted the next day: her toenails were too small to see the design.  I should have known then that we were destined for separation.

Eventually, we got our cute watermelon toes.  This year I wanted strawberry toes.  I figured they’d be the same as the watermelons but with white seeds and no stripes.  Leyna didn’t think it would work, so she hit the Internet and found this design.  These are my daughter’s toes before they were quite finished, in ever-so-stylish disposable flip-flops.


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