Mellow Yellow Monday



I took this picture in 2010.  My former mother-in-law managed an imaging center: xrays, mammograms, etc.  She bought her staff picture frames for Christmas, and thought it would be nice if they each had a good picture of themselves to put in it.  Seriously, don’t we all want that?  She asked if I’d take the pictures.

I take great pics of my own kids if I do say so myself.  I’m not bad with other people, but I know my kids and I know how to get the best out of them.  These were grown-up strangers who didn’t even like my FMIL!  She was the evil new manager who came in with changes and “improvements.”  The nerve!

I wish I could share one of the portraits.  The lighting was perfect. The touch-ups turned out well.  I turned them black-and-white but kept their scrubs in color.  I was rather proud of the results.

While waiting between shots for people to either stop working or stop whining (and one full-out tantrum), I took pictures of the center.  I used these still shots to play with different features on Paintshop.  This goldenrod image is one of the results.

Here a few more non-yellow ones:


The xray machine behind the door.


A mammography unit.


A memo I found lying in my FMIL’s office.  This line caught my eye.


This might be my favorite.  It was a really ugly sign!


Bone densitometer.


The xray viewing room.  They said originally this image of Homer Simpson was spot-on accurate, but with years of copying and recopying it’s lost its detail.

Have a happy Monday!


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