Mellow Yellow Monday


Since I have a minute, I get to participate in my first Mellow Yellow Monday (MYM).  Yay!  The idea is that we post a picture with something yellow in it, link to MYM, leave our link at MYM, and share a little Monday sunshine.

Kumquats? Oranges?

I took this picture in December 2010 at my grandmother’s house in Ojai, CA.  No one really knows what it is.  The general belief is that it’s a stunted orange tree.  Based on the leaves and thorns, however, it looks more like a kumquat tree to me.  I wasn’t brave enough to taste the fruit because I hate kumquats!  Blecch!  And as oranges they’re just insufficient.  Any thoughts?  Do you know what this citrous aberration is?

Thank you for the idea, Gerry!


6 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday

  1. well that used to be a song, by Donovan, call me mellow yellow, and here you are with words pushing the doldrums out of Monday morning with yellow; hugs and gratitude.

  2. I think it was an orange tree that almost died. It somehow mutated into this thing with 2″ long thorns. I guess you didn’t notice that it’s been dug up and replaced with a Haas avocado tree.

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